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My 21 month old adores this App!!!!! Plays with it all the time..... Super cute.

Need a french version

My 19 months old son love this app. The only thing missing for me is a french version. Please do a french version and ill give you a 5 stars.

Astoundingly good~!

I cannot say enough good things about this free app. It is great. My 18 months-old can now say his favourite animals names and make the sound they make because of this wonderful app. Incredibly, its free. Highly recommended~!

Excellent App

6 Month old babies love to watch, listen and mimic. 2 year old loves to tap, listen and make the sounds! No ads for little fingers to touch by mistake make this a great app! Thanks for making me the top auntie @ Christmas.

Great app, great developer

A really fun app to keep any toddler occupied. The developer is also really responsive and helpful. Good all around.

Absolutely amazing!

What a great teaching tool for toddlers! Very accurate animal sounds AND vehicle sounds. 21-month and 23 month grandkids love it! Way to go Claireware!!!


Before buying this app I didnt read it was for toddlers, I am 10 and I got this app, it is really good for young kids wanting to learn sounds, but for kids my age, dont get it!


Its my 19 month old fav app! The only thing, it would be much more pratical to have a button to change the page instead of sliding with the finger, my daughter is not very precise and she often flip the page while trying to listen to a sound and i have to flip back the page for her so she can select the animal again. Other than that, its simple clean and i love it!

My daughters favorite

This app is simple yet genius! I have many other child apps but this one is always the one that never fails to entertain!


Great app for teaching sounds & I like how it tells you the name of the item for each sound.


Cant believe this is free and has no ads! My 20 month old sister loves this! She loves that she can slide the screen and tap on what she wants very easily. Can set for many languages but sadly no french. You can have it say the name or just make the sound of the animal/vehicle. No issues with this at all :)

Looks good, sound doesnt work though

Have to give it low score as sound doesnt work. Will review again if they fix it.

Worked until it updated

This is my daughters a favorite app, I just downloaded the update and now the sound doesnt work! Shes not very happy, please fix this issue! If it worked again, I would definitely give it 5 stars.

Love it

This is great. Even little babies can tap the pics. 18 mos and she still loves it. Add a pair of headphones and you are set for dinner out or an airplane.

My son is obsessed

I didnt think much of this app when I heard what it was. Just sounds? Boy was I wrong. My son has been playing with this for over a year now. He loves it! When he was younger he liked the animal sounds, now hes all about the vehicles. Highly recommend!

Its alright

Has cute pictures and nice sounds. Like that it gives you the option to turn off the annoying narrative voice. My 9 month old is quite enamoured by the app, keeps her occupied for 10-15 minutes when she feels like being attentive to it. Please provide more content in future updates.


Pretty nice, my kid loves it, but would be appreciated if more animals were added :)

Awful customer service

The sound did not work on the app so I emailed customer service. Instead of receiving a solution or refund I received an email of the creators blog. Stating how he gets bad reviews because users dont know how to use their iPhones and iPads. Its not his fault that we dont know how mute works. Im sorry but I did not buy an app for my child to be insulted.

Sound no longer works with iOS 9.3.5

And yes contrary to jerk #1 rating this app, I do know how to use my iPad! This app is great , but it no longer works with this release. Sound works on all other apps. Made sure app settings were checked for voice , loaded and and unloaded app. Still doesnt work.

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